Surgical Suture Needle - Types and Uses

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Cuts, wounds and injuries bring idea of bleeding body parts. All these of wounds are now quickly taken care of by different medical devices. Safest way to handle cuts and wounds is by using sutures. Other method such staple is also very effective to hold the wound closed. Surgical suture needle is main medical equipment used in any wound care procedure. Surgical needles are made with various materials but mainly these are made with stainless steel allows.

Stainless steel which is used in manufacturing of surgical needle has excellent resistance to corrosion. Every good type of stainless steel contain at least 13% of chromium, which allows a thin, protective surface layer of chromium oxide to from when the steel is exposed to oxygen. Researchers use the concept of high nickel maraging stainless steels for developing highly quality stainless steel wires for use as surgical needles. Depending on the nature of injury, different types of needle selection is made by the doctors and surgeons for closure of wound. Ideal surgical suture needles should have characteristics such as:
" It should be made of high quality stainless steel.
" Smallest diameter which should remain stable in the grasp of the needle holder
" It should be sharp enough to penetrate tissue with minimal resistance.
" It should be capable of implanting suture material through tissue with trauma.
" It should be sterile and corrosion-resistant to prevent introduction of microorganisms of foreign materials into the wound.

There are also four different types of surgical needles. First body type of needle is of straight type which is used suture easily accessible tissue that can be manipulated directly by hand. Straight type of needle is helpful in microsurgery for nerve and vessel surgeries. The second type of needle is half-curved ski type. This type of needle is only used by expert paramedical staff and surgeons because of its body shape which is quite difficult to handle. Third type of needle body type is curved needle. This type of body needle requires less space for maneuvering as compare to straight needle. Curved needle is also available in different sizes such as quarter-inch, three eighths-inch, half-inch, and five eighths-inch circle. Fro skin closures three eighths-inch circle is commonly used. Last in line is compound curved surgical needle. This type of needle is most complex type of needle in all types. The needle curvature was in fact developed for anterior segment ophthalmic surgery.

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